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Woman, I just saw your text and it broke my heart. Just tell you not to worry, that time puts everyone in their place and that sure that your husband all this will turn against you. That a liar is caught before a lame man. And you may lose your home, but while there is life there is hope and you will surely be able to start from scratch and recover. This is a bad patch for many people, but you have to be strong. Do not sink A hug.


This mortgage seems very good to me.

This mortgage seems very good to me.

With the interest rates so high that banks offer, 2.20% is reasonable. The only downside is life insurance with a unique premium but you do not have to hire it for what I know, you will pay a slightly higher differential. I hope I’ve helped.

Well, I’m a Banca March customer. I had money invested in March New Emerging World FI and I lost a lot of money. Banca March had a reputation as a super bank for your savings but the manager of this fund is worthless. It seems to me that funds in emerging markets are the ones that go higher … but also the ones that go down the most. Greetings.

Frankly, I do not know the law but if I were that outgoing guarantor I would be invited to sign yes or yes and ask the notary to sign a document to make sure that I am no longer a guarantor of this mortgage. The word is not enough, the risk is too high. Luck.

As far as I know, the PIAS are not very profitable and they are only useful to force you in some way to save with periodic contributions. But if you know how to manage your finances, it is more important to invest in funds, deposits or even savings accounts, more flexible and more profitable. I just looked at the BBVA for accuracy and it gives you a 2.10% APR for the first 6 months and then it goes down (it does not specify how much). I do not think it’s worth too much … it’s my opinion. regards

But how much have you put it up for sale? Because if you have put it at € 160,000 and you do not arrive, talk to them, it’s not worth waiting, because they will hardly buy it from you, also bearing in mind that you will continue to lower the price of the house. What I find strange is that they have given more than 50% of the appraised value of the house: banks do not usually give more than half. In any case, it makes clear to the bank that what they say (sell) is not a solution. And if not, can not you reject the inheritance? Anyway, good luck

I have a Citibank deposit and I sleep very quietly.

I have a Citibank deposit and I sleep very quietly.

I do not know where the information has come from the Sergio he quotes but with the worldwide reputation that Citibank has (more than 200 years of history) I doubt that he would drop his subsidiary in Spain. Also, if something happens, you have the guarantee of the Spanish guarantee fund. So I would not worry too much, especially being a 6 month deposit (very short term). Regards!

Gabrielro, maybe you could ask your vendor to contact the previous owner so he can ask for that certificate, which is free anyway and costs nothing. I see it as the simplest way. Luck!

Jumper, it’s not bad, but personally I would not hire it. An APR of 3.56% does not seem very high for a fund of 2 years and 4 months. I prefer a deposit because it is much easier to cancel if you need it, without risk of losing capital (these funds usually have also quite strong early cancellation fees, check the contract …). Depending on the money you have, you can invest in deposits that are more profitable and for me much safer. A greeting.

You are right about the guarantee of the Constitution, but since the rescue of banking there is a difference: banks have a line of credit, but the State does not. If a bank is on the verge of bankruptcy, it can be recapitalized directly, but if Spain could not pay its debts it would have to renegotiate with Europe and that generates uncertainty. Therefore, at this time, perhaps the most solvent banks are the safest option today. Regards!



Debt Providers – What Personal Financing Option Should You Go For?

When you plan on filing with regard to bankruptcy, you want to protect any kind of assets you can legally guard

During the process, your creditors are likely to liquidate assets of yours whenever you can to fulfill your financial obligations for them. Some assets are untouchable though, so make sure you take the correct steps to protect them. Your own retirement account and your house are both untouchable when it comes to liquidation.

Now, the most severe mistake that people make with regards to paying off loans, has more loans. You do not need to take out credit to pay down a loan, it will not work and it’ll in no way work, as you will continue to be indebted.

There are so many common myths surrounding debt settlement that people are usually scared of even nearing this debt relief option. There are several persons who simply determine that anything that is offered at no cost on the World Wide Web should be declined. It is best to go for paid solutions for any and every point associated with debt relief.

If you can reduce your expenses, you’ll have a much better shot at using your cash to pay off debt

Consider eliminating cable TV or any other costs that you don’t have to pay. After that apply that extra money to your debt.

Financial obligations are one of the hardest things that an individual may ever manage. Even if you possess a financial plan worked out to suit your needs, it seems that your debts are going upward. This is human nature. Individuals are prone to overspend once in a while convinced that it will not hurt them. Unlike this belief, debts just increase with more spending. Debt settlement is one of the things that individuals need these days. Especially using the ease of using credit cards, individuals are prone to spending more money. It really is easier to spend just by moving a card rather than spending cash.

Avoid misleading ads plus debt relief grants. As a mortgage taker, you need to understand how a debt settlement procedure works before you get your hands on an expert consultant. Some clients leave everything on their alleviation firms and these companies make the most of this situation. Hence, you need to have plenty of knowledge to avoid misleading advertisements and debt relief grants.

Unfortunately, not everybody will qualify for this program. People with secured loans; meaning there is security tied to the loan, taxes liens, student loans, alimony obligations, mortgages, and wage garnishment would need to seek another choice. Furthermore, people that are simply searching for a scapegoat to get out of paying out debt but can easily create payments (i. e. individuals not facing hardships) do not need to apply; nor should the financial debt company be willing to work together with you, if they are reputable.

The particular liabilities are unsecured. Get rid of credit card debt is not an easy task for anybody. The relief programs actually help the defaulters whenever they have nothing to do. Both debtors and creditors wish to gain profit. However, the borrowers have to pay the amount within a restricted period of time. It is true that this consolidation scheme is the great process to help you throughout your own liabilities crisis.