Cash advances up to € 500

Quick loans from Contante are short-term cash advances to cover unforeseen expenses or make extraordinary purchases. They allow up to 1000 euros to 30 days and it is not necessary to have a payroll, you can apply with another source of income, and the possibility of getting cash with Hal-Cash.


No Payroll:
With Asnef:
Do not

Minimum term:
1 day
30 days
Minimum loan:
€ 50
Maximum loan:
€ 1,000

Additional information of Contante

 Contante is a fast cash advance firm, also called minicréditos, which belongs to the company Click Finance SL based in Pamplona. It offers fast loans of up to 1000 euros with very low requirements, in fact they are among the lowest in the market. You can get the money even without a payroll, yes, if we justify an alternative source of income.

With these advances of short-term money it is possible to obtain financing in a few minutes to solve unforeseen events , such as a traffic ticket, a breakdown at home or a repair of the car or extraordinary expenses such as books and school supplies or Christmas gifts. They can also be useful to make ends meet if you have had many unusual expenses.

With the automated system that Contante uses to evaluate the requests, you can get an answer in a few minutes . In addition, the entity has a series of agreements with most national banks so that transfers made at any time may be available in your bank account in a maximum of 2 hours. You also have the possibility of receiving cash from any Hal-Cash ATM.

How to request cash advances from Contante?

Image result for how toThe first step to request in urgent money with this company is to access through the Internet to the Contante website and select the amount for which you want to request the advance and the return period.

Automatically the screen shows you the amount of the credit, the fees or interest that you will have to pay for the loan of Contante and the date of return. What you see on the screen are the conditions, if you accept them and you want to make the request in Signature you must click on the “request” button to continue with the second step.

The second step is to fill in the form on the Contante website with your personal and contact information, you must also choose a password to access the private area and get your loans in real time. Also in this step you must provide some information about your situation and bank details with the account where you want to receive the money. Keep in mind that the more information you can contribute, the quicker the answer will be and the more likely you will be that it will be affirmative.

Once your order has been evaluated, you will receive an email with the answer. In addition, if the answer is positive you will also receive an SMS on your mobile, to which you will have to answer with the word OK to confirm the loan and that the transfer can be made. Once the advance payment is accepted, the money is transferred instantly to your account.

How to return the advance money

Repaying the loan in Contante is very convenient since they are responsible for collecting the money through your debit card on the due date. It is a mode that uses almost no mini-credit entity and avoids problems since the client is not paying. If there is any problem to make the return through your card you can pay with a transfer.

Early return

If you can return the money early Contante rewards you with a proportional reduction in the interest rate of your advance. To make the early return you must enter the client’s private area of ​​Contante and select the option “pay now”

Quick loans without payroll and in cash

Fast cash advances from Contante are short-term urgent loans that have very low requirements . To opt for them you must be of legal age, have a mobile and an email address. It will be necessary to have a recurring income, but it does not need to be a payroll, it can be the pension or any unemployment benefit or subsidy.

You must have your source of income domiciled in the current account that contributes to your application data and have a debit card associated with that account. It will also be reviewed if you figure on the Asnef default list, but it is possible that if you can prove your solvency you can also receive a positive response to your advance.

Advantages of the Minicréditos de Contante

One of the facilities that very few minipréstamos entities offer is to be able to get the cash immediately using the Hal-Cash ATM network, which includes several national banking entities, of which it is not necessary to be a client to be able to withdraw the money from your ATMs.

Contante does not ask for any endorsement and it is simple without paperwork. So you can know a little about the credits of Contante we show you this video:

Extension Counter

If you see the expiration of the mini-credit you have requested and you think you will not be able to pay on time, do not worry, you can extend your loan up to 30 more days. Anyway, reflect well if this is the option that interests you the most, because if the payment date has not been paid, a commission of up to 20 additional euros will be charged for the non-payment of the quick credit. And a daily interest of 1% will be added for each day of delay, which can lead to a serious solvency problem on your part.

As always, we remember that the use of this type of product to obtain fast money should be limited to special situations in which we need money and we have no other alternative to achieve it. These are very useful loans for sporadic cases of need, but their usual use is not recommended to avoid getting too much debt and paying a high cost.