Teachers and university students call a strike for March 24 for the 3-year degrees

  • Unions of teachers and students have announced the call for a general strike in the universities against the Royal Decree of the Government.
  • The new law allows for three-year degrees that should be completed with two-year master’s degrees, which are significantly more expensive than the degrees.
  • This strike is the second, after the one organized by the Student Union, against the new organization of official university teaching degrees.
Huelga de estudiantes

Unions of teachers and students have announced on Wednesday the call for a general strike in universities for next March 24 against what they call “decree 3 + 2”, which allows there to be three-year degrees that will be completed with two-year master’s degrees , significantly more expensive than the degrees.

The reforms are aimed at privatizing the university system

In a joint press conference, the teachers unions CSI-F, CC OO and UGT, as well as the Student Union (SE), Students in Movement and the Federation of Progressive Student Associations (Faest), have rejected the decree that It makes the duration of the degrees more flexible and they have considered it a ” disguised reform ” of the university. In addition, they have indicated that the new degrees are detrimental to the “equality of opportunities” and the model of the “public university”.

This strike is the second similar call that takes place against the royal decree on the organization of official university education degrees, approved by the Government on 30 January. The first was the double day of protest organized by the Student Union: the first was held on 25 and 26 February and the second will take place on 17 and 18 March.

The secretary general of Teaching of CC OO, Francisco García, has affirmed that these reforms are directed to “privatize” the university system, which will cause job losses , as well as economic for public universities to turn it into “more classist”. Garcia has asked for these measures to be paralyzed because education can not be changed “behind the backs of everyone” and against the social majority.

148,000 workers are called

As it has affirmed, to the strike of next March 24, besides the students, they are summoned 148,000 workers of the public universities pertaining as much to the administrative scope as to the one of the teaching and the investigation.

With the decree can be lost 20% of jobs in public universities In the same terms has been expressed the secretary general of the Federation of Teaching FETE-UGT , Carlos Lopez, who has stressed that the “decree 3 + 2” is You can lose 20% of public university jobs and, in addition, university degrees will be more expensive. Also, with this system, Lopez continued, the funding of the universities will fall on the families and not on the budgets of the administrations. He has also criticized the other two decrees because they will reform the university system without having been previously evaluated.

From CSI-F , the president of the sector of Universities, Francisco Olivares, has indicated that the organizers of the strike are 100 percent of the university community and that the union joins it because the Government has not given opportunities to continue dialoguing.

He insisted that the “decree 3 + 2” has a contrary report from the State Council and has proposed to the Minister of Education, José Ignacio Wert, to equal the price of the credits of degree and master. “Do not impede for an economic issue to make a career to which one has right”, has affirmed Olivares.

“University for the rich”

"University for the rich"

The general secretary of the Student Union, Ana García, has invited “all education completely”, from children to university, to support the strike and all citizens to attend on March 24 to the demonstration that will take place in Madrid at 6.30 pm and that will depart from the Plaza de Cánovas del Castillo and conclude in front of the Ministry of Education.

We do not accept a university that is only for the rich “We do not accept a university that is only for the rich,” said Garcia, who added that they reject the education system to “return to the Francoist model.” For the president of Faest, Alejandro Delgado, the decree that allows there to be three-year degrees with two-year master’s degrees is part of the “PP steamroller” that imposes a system “without any consensus” .

In his opinion, the degrees must guarantee inclusion in the labor market and this reform “is against” that principle. This strike is the second – last week the SE convened 48 hours of student strike – which takes place against the royal decree on the organization of degrees of official university education , approved by the Government on 30 January.

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I have a Citibank deposit and I sleep very quietly.

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