What types of loans are there?

When we look for personal loans we find not only a great variety of offers, but also different types of credits that we can request. Each type of loan is designed for a particular purpose and profile. What is an Online Direct Lender Payday Loan? We Explain.

5 types of personal loans

Below we detail the characteristics of each type of personal loan according to the amount they grant, their speed, which entity grants them, etc., so we can know what type of financing we need according to our profile:

1. “Traditional” personal loans

They are the credits that grant high amounts of financing. They are often used to finance projects such as buying a car, studying or renovating our house. Prices vary greatly depending on the lender, ranging from € 500 to € 100,000 and the repayment terms usually last for years. An example would be the ING Orange Loan, to get up to € 40,000 in financing at 7.18% APR, with no commissions and no need to pay the payroll. Your process is 100% online and in minutes we will get a response with a preapproval.

2. Mini credits

They are granted in just minutes and we can get up to € 800 instantly. They are used for specific liquidity shortages when unforeseen events arise (fines, overdrafts, breakdowns …). They are contracted through the internet with a web form and with hardly any paperwork. Depending on our profile we will have several offers, such as loans that admit people registered in files of defaulters or people without payroll. One of the most attractive offers at the moment is the Vivus mini-loan, which offers up to € 300 free to its new customers, without commissions or fees.

3. Quick credits

These products are very similar to the mini credits in terms of their concession, however, they offer us a financing of up to € 15,000. Like mini loans, they are contracted online through a form and without paperwork and are granted by private equity companies. They are used as personal loans granted by banks, but with a shorter grant time. One of the fastest loans is Zaimo with which we can get up to € 5,000 in 12 minutes, their interests vary between 5% and 12%.

4. Payroll Advances

We can request them from banks and allow us to get up to 3 times our salary. They are of quick concession, but to be able to accede to them we must have a bank account that has the option of the advance of payroll and a minimum of antiquity in the organization. One of the advance offers of the moment is the Payroll Advance Bankinter, with which we can access if we have a Bankinter payroll account and where we will be granted up to € 6,000 at 0% APR to return in 20 days.

5. Consumer loans

These are loans granted by department stores whose purpose is to encourage purchases, which is why they usually do not have commissions or are very low. They are used to buy items within the same establishment. We can buy from an appliance to a computer, through spare parts for the car. A large department store offering this type of financing is Carrefour with its Carrefour Pass Visa credit card, with which we can finance purchases of up to € 2,000 at 0% APR for 3 months.

Cash advances up to € 500

Quick loans from Contante are short-term cash advances to cover unforeseen expenses or make extraordinary purchases. They allow up to 1000 euros to 30 days and it is not necessary to have a payroll, you can apply with another source of income, and the possibility of getting cash with Hal-Cash.


No Payroll:
With Asnef:
Do not

Minimum term:
1 day
30 days
Minimum loan:
€ 50
Maximum loan:
€ 1,000

Additional information of Contante

 Contante is a fast cash advance firm, also called minicréditos, which belongs to the company Click Finance SL based in Pamplona. It offers fast loans of up to 1000 euros with very low requirements, in fact they are among the lowest in the market. You can get the money even without a payroll, yes, if we justify an alternative source of income.

With these advances of short-term money it is possible to obtain financing in a few minutes to solve unforeseen events , such as a traffic ticket, a breakdown at home or a repair of the car or extraordinary expenses such as books and school supplies or Christmas gifts. They can also be useful to make ends meet if you have had many unusual expenses.

With the automated system that Contante uses to evaluate the requests, you can get an answer in a few minutes . In addition, the entity has a series of agreements with most national banks so that transfers made at any time may be available in your bank account in a maximum of 2 hours. You also have the possibility of receiving cash from any Hal-Cash ATM.

How to request cash advances from Contante?

Image result for how toThe first step to request in urgent money with this company is to access through the Internet to the Contante website and select the amount for which you want to request the advance and the return period.

Automatically the screen shows you the amount of the credit, the fees or interest that you will have to pay for the loan of Contante and the date of return. What you see on the screen are the conditions, if you accept them and you want to make the request in Signature you must click on the “request” button to continue with the second step.

The second step is to fill in the form on the Contante website with your personal and contact information, you must also choose a password to access the private area and get your loans in real time. Also in this step you must provide some information about your situation and bank details with the account where you want to receive the money. Keep in mind that the more information you can contribute, the quicker the answer will be and the more likely you will be that it will be affirmative.

Once your order has been evaluated, you will receive an email with the answer. In addition, if the answer is positive you will also receive an SMS on your mobile, to which you will have to answer with the word OK to confirm the loan and that the transfer can be made. Once the advance payment is accepted, the money is transferred instantly to your account.

How to return the advance money

Repaying the loan in Contante is very convenient since they are responsible for collecting the money through your debit card on the due date. It is a mode that uses almost no mini-credit entity and avoids problems since the client is not paying. If there is any problem to make the return through your card you can pay with a transfer.

Early return

If you can return the money early Contante rewards you with a proportional reduction in the interest rate of your advance. To make the early return you must enter the client’s private area of ​​Contante and select the option “pay now”

Quick loans without payroll and in cash

Fast cash advances from Contante are short-term urgent loans that have very low requirements . To opt for them you must be of legal age, have a mobile and an email address. It will be necessary to have a recurring income, but it does not need to be a payroll, it can be the pension or any unemployment benefit or subsidy.

You must have your source of income domiciled in the current account that contributes to your application data and have a debit card associated with that account. It will also be reviewed if you figure on the Asnef default list, but it is possible that if you can prove your solvency you can also receive a positive response to your advance.

Advantages of the Minicréditos de Contante

One of the facilities that very few minipréstamos entities offer is to be able to get the cash immediately using the Hal-Cash ATM network, which includes several national banking entities, of which it is not necessary to be a client to be able to withdraw the money from your ATMs.

Contante does not ask for any endorsement and it is simple without paperwork. So you can know a little about the credits of Contante we show you this video:

Extension Counter

If you see the expiration of the mini-credit you have requested and you think you will not be able to pay on time, do not worry, you can extend your loan up to 30 more days. Anyway, reflect well if this is the option that interests you the most, because if the payment date has not been paid, a commission of up to 20 additional euros will be charged for the non-payment of the quick credit. And a daily interest of 1% will be added for each day of delay, which can lead to a serious solvency problem on your part.

As always, we remember that the use of this type of product to obtain fast money should be limited to special situations in which we need money and we have no other alternative to achieve it. These are very useful loans for sporadic cases of need, but their usual use is not recommended to avoid getting too much debt and paying a high cost.

Cash Loans – A Type Of Storage Test

In acquiring these online advances it’s merely the situation of stuffing one particular application form, publishing it online, waiting for quick approvals and receiving money overnight. You understand that finances that are traditional involve faxing for shift of resources of bill and application for the loan. The process is fast, simple and easy. The best way is through quality material if you are seeking to monetize your blog, improve your audience or select your company.

I cried what I feel are the three most important what if your modifications declined Wells Fargo mortgage to know. Using for no fax cash cash advance is fast and simple. It is well known that FICO scores aren’t used to approve online payday loans. Lots of people come for money to legitimate pay day loans help when them are converting down. Quick payday loans is in fact the fastest along with the finest easy option to discover some cash in the short-term to assist with everything from gasoline and food finances to overdue costs and medical costs.

You’ll also need to prepare your dwelling to be proven by the latest utility bill. You may not need to display even just how much you are presently having inside your bank records to acquire these loans. Online payday loan people usually are buying a separate option since their credit cards are complete or their credit rating won’t allow new lines of credit to start. We have all seen the saying that “period is income”, and often you find that to be all too accurate.

Use same-day payday loans as an emergency way to get cash. For more convenient purchases, these companies have changed from nearby street corners towards the Net. With a retirement savings, living on a fixed income in a world of inflated expenses is terrifying. In possibility to getting income that is fast, you just on your own laptop or computer and put your requirement browsing field.

You’ll find all kinds of conditions that may cause income difficulties for you personally. Creditors won’t maintain credit for your requirements for you to keep spending. Using online payday loans when charge cards quit providing you access to money is not assisting the problem. You can as well demand them to wait payment . This kind of agreement will be agreed to by many companies. Acquiring profit advance is currently not really a frustration. True legitimate payday lenders online provide you assistance that is confidential. An easy software refill will do as well as the income is placed into your account electronically with no credit checks. You’re running lacking money in the middle of any month when you payday is too far away.

Most of us learn the huge benefits but using the release of online payday loans, obtaining cash in your bank account could not be more easy. It is important that you provide right and appropriate data, if you are obtaining a loan. Another neat thing is that it is possible to scan for most financing companies without gas cash that is spending.

Connections problems may start or intensify together with finances’ mismanagement. Consequently legitimate payday loans online no credit check aims to eliminate your entire little fiscal issues by promoting Speedy Payday Loans. It is an easy and very fast strategy to obtain the income you’ll need. To be able to possess the smallest possible trouble for your monthly budget, the loans are put up to be paid down rapidly.

The internet method is assertive and truthful at the same period. You can get to learn how effective and effective they’re once you’ve choose these loans. Make sure that the schedule can hold new and updated records as well as other kinds of reminders. But, long to accomplish some paper-work which was published by you as proof your depth info is taken by them. This may contain lots of budget-crunching, saving, or possibly a good big advantage.

Exploring The Very Best Methods For Establishing Your Own Private Credit

We’ve been there. We’re walking around the department shop. We recognize something enjoyable as a surprise for our family members (maybe ourselves?) and we decide to choose it-up. When we get brand to the check-out, we get questioned, ” credit, money or money?” At this moment, we speculate about adding it onto our Credit or any other bank card we might have for a brief moment.

Slowly, the banks are converting on the internet’s incredible energy. They’ve witnessed how much lower the expenses are along with how practical it’s for us, the client. Obtaining a walmart credit card is not becoming increasingly unpopular every single day. Itis really easy, although itis no surprise why, not just is it practical.

Concentrate on those lenders who focus on working with those people who have had credit problems. Hanging out (and cash) applying to lenders who do not use credit imperfections will accomplish nothing. Make the most of them, in case you have regional places you are aware may contemplate loans.

You’re in route to debt- standing, but anywhere on the way you acknowledged a mail-in bank card present with a marvelous initial credit rate. The holiday season were expensive, and also you picked up two or a department best buy credit card . Since you’ve created anything but the minimum obligations suddenly, nine weeks have approved. You are surprised to realize you’re nearing the credit limitations on your entire cards.

If your chase credit card happens to be combined bill with your girlfriend or any companion that individual would be the one that could take the burden once you die. The credit card company or the financial institution might certainly take steps to make your co-account holder to cover the debts that you just have received using the credit card. Needless to say, for see your face, this agreement might just not seem fair. But that is how things turn out such scenario. If your wife is the co-account-holder, she should just be prepared to tolerate the impact of the obligations when you’re gone.

The larger the advance payment, the greater your possibilities is to obtain a loan. (See “The 30/70 Rule” in the next chapter.) The more cash along, the happier the lender is always to use you.

To assist stay away from brake repair and make your system last much longer, several automobiles have techniques which are made with metal shavings. These shavings perform a wonderful work of assisting a car arrive at an entire, the noise they make could basically generate the automobile owner ridiculous. Since until now, the sound produced you believe the machine went that is. However, as of late all the noise of squealing is really not harmful, but really bothersome. The good news is that recording the metal shavings could make your entire process more durable and can let you stop in an instant when it is not bad to stop.

Chase has them if you are looking for options. Whether you want cash or a versatile rewards plan back, you will discover the thing you need with Chase bank cards. Join the numerous Americans which might be Pursuit cardholders and use. The alternatives and rewards are destined to surpass your credit objectives.

Pay Day Loans Uk- The Source Regarding Monetary Actions

Your current instant loan agreement is just a few ticks of away. Do your favor, if you need to about the loan rate, loosen up, we have it included. This is how the process performs. The first thing that you need to play is applying on the web with our short application. Just fill out your information. The only prerequisites required to get fast loan approval for any cash advance is having some employment; you need to have a high ID and earth’s most active checking account. Fast loans online is surely an excellent way to obtain fast cash and not having to spend days or even hours researching some slew of different loan providers.

Why is credit score essential? Banks take individuals with good credit score throughout high regard because they are more likely to be able to pay back future debts. Nevertheless, those with bad credit ratings are often just refused of their loans. This specific leaves them with hardly any financing options. Also, it would make them desperate to locate something that will work to repair relatively small fiscal binds.

Instant payday loans online same day happen to be short term collateral free loan that comes with incredible advantages of online use procedure. This makes it quite simple to get quick funds against these loan products. These loans could be applied by spotty credit borrowers as well.

At this point, a guaranteed payday loan is also called by other names. If you are searching for payday loans on-line no credit check (the internet abounds inside payday loan providers), you must also be looking for payday loans or post-dated verify financial loans. These financial loans can be guaranteed very easily and quickly. They are going to pay our charges and therefore are themselves paid out when our income comes in. This is an excellent means of making use of the salary that particular is currently earning. This is the mortgage that will not eat your income in the long term. This particular financial loan has a very short duration. It has a mortgage amount of between eight and a fortnight.
Using payday cash now is very convenient. And many of these websites which have been legitimate and safe. However, you must create certain that this will be the case before you begin using the services of any of them.

They have what they are good for rather than much else. When you want money in a crunch, mutual payday loans come in handy. The particular curse of a cash advance which is so in a negative way reported is following the term loan finishes and high fascination is applied to typically the unpaid balance. The particular highlight of these loan products is that there is no need for any good credit score to be able to receive a loan.

As opposed to putting up your car, yet another valuable, your verify ensures the lender that you pay the loan backside. Banks hold the assessments until the next short term when loans, as well as the finance charge, has to be paid in one huge.