Earn It!: Know Your Value and Grow Your Career, in Your 20s and Beyond


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Thrive Global, ‘Book of the Week’

Business Insider, ‘Books for recent grads that will help guide them through their next chapter.’

‘A perfect primer for the next generation of women who will be running the world-whether from the newsroom, the board room, or the highest levels of government. Earn It! is a thoughtful and practical guide to tell you how to do it.’―Valerie Jarrett, former senior advisor to President Obama

‘This no-holds-barred guide will save you a lot of time. Mika and Daniela share the secret sauce that every young woman needs to know when entering the workforce and how to achieve success.’―Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul and cohost of ABC’s Shark Tank

‘This valuable book answers every twentysomething work question that matters-including the ones you are afraid to ask and the ones you don’t even know you have….yet. Candid. Practical. Empowering. Helpful. Earn It! should be required reading for any young professional to wants to be taken seriously and who wants to get ahead.’―Meg Jay, PhD, author of The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter-And How to Make the Most of Them Now and Supernormal

‘Read this book! Mika and Daniela provide some of the most solid and straightforward advice that I have read in a long time. The advice in Earn It! is priceless and will have you at the top of your game.’―Rebecca Minkoff

‘In a sea of women’s empowerment talk, Mika Brzezinski stands out with directness, assertiveness and practicality. With Earn It!, she literally helps women get the job. This book is indispensable.’―Laura Brown, Editor in Chief, InStyle

Earn It! is a must-read guide for everyone just starting out in their careers. Mika and Daniela provide practical, real-world advice that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to take the next step in your career.’―Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, co-founders and co-CEOs of theSkimm

Earn It! is gem for anyone starting out in their careers. Mika and Daniela have written a powerful step-by-step guide chock-full of advice from trailblazing women on how to achieve supreme success and power in any field.’―Andre Leon Talley, contributing editor to Vogue

‘Earn It! is the no-nonsense guide to navigating a career that I wish I had in my 20s. No matter where you’re at in your career, you’ll glean plenty from the lessons and anecdotes in this book. Brzezinski and Pierre-Bravo show readers what resourcefulness and intrepidness look like in the real world, and in doing so, encourage women to be the best versions of their butt-kicking selves.’―Kristin Wong, author of Get Money: Live the Life You Want, Not Just the Life You Can Afford

Praise for the Know Your Value brand:

About the Author

Mika Brzezinski is a co-host of ‘Morning Joe,’ an MSNBC anchor, and the author of the New York Times bestsellers All Things at Once, Knowing Your Value, and Obsessed. She also serves as a visiting fellow at the Harvard Institute of Politics. She is the mother of two daughters.

Daniela Pierre-Bravo is a 26-year old booking producer on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ and contributor for NBC News Digital.


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