Napkin Finance: Build Your Wealth in 30 Seconds or Less


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“Better Make Room has been so fortunate to partner with Napkin Finance.
Together, we’ve developed unique, easy-to-understand content that help
students understand complex topics such as completing the FAFSA form or
learning how to save for college.” (Michelle Obama’s Better Make Room campaign)

“Tina has delivered what the world of personal finance desperately needs: an accessible, responsible guide to an intimidating world in an entertaining format!” (Mihir Desai, Professor, Harvard Business and Law Schools and author of How Finance Works)

“Tina Hay has put together something totally unique: a book that’s a work of art, a textbook, and a piece of comedy all in one.” (Farnoosh Torabi, bestselling financial author and host of the award-winning podcast So Money.)

“I love Napkin Finance! It is the easiest way to become financially literate. Every family should have a copy and play a weekly ‘Napkin Night.’ How could money be this simple and fun?” (Nely Galán, New York Times bestselling author of Self Made)

About the Author

Tina Hay comes from a diverse background encompassing film, technology, and finance. She is the founder of Napkin Finance (, a visual guide to money. A strong believer in financial literacy, Tina created the platform for users of all ages to learn finance in a simple and engaging way. The company is committed to helping individuals make smart financial decisions at different life stages by providing unique visual learning tools and resources. Before Napkin Finance, she was cofounder of and the editor of CityTripping Los Angeles: Your Guide to Restaurants, Nightlife, Shopping, Culture, Fitness and Hotels. She holds a BA from UCLA and an MBA from Harvard University. 



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